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Rocks - Spring term

This term we've been learning all bout rocks. From a visit to Creswell Craggs, to categorising rocks, creating our own fossils and filtering different types of soil to find out what it was made from, we had lots of fun with this science topic.


Here are some photos of our trip to Creswell Craggs as well as pictures from when we made our own fossils and then tried to recreate the process of a fossil being made using our bodies.

States of matter - Autumn term 2016


This term we learnt lots about states of matter. We learnt the different compositions of gasses, liquids and gasses as well as melting and freezing points of different materials. We answered questions such as: does gas weigh anything? What happens when water boils or freezes? How does the water cycle work? 


Here are some pictures that we took of our work over these weeks.

Science - June 2016


This term our science topic has been electricity. We have been exploring many things including circuits, insulators and conductors and even had a trip to a local power station. In our last science lesson we were given a task. Working in pairs we had to create a circuit and switch. However, the switch we made had to only let the device work when we were holding or pressing the switch (like on a drill) and would only turn off when we took our hand off the switch. The materials we were given were:
Aluminium foil
a motor/light/buzzer
split pins, pins and metal paper clips
Here are some videos to show what we created, they are all very different.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video