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Ssh… What’s that noise? Is it a bash, a crash, a shake or a hum?

This half term, we’ll listen to a live musical performance, picking out the different sounds and techniques. Roger McGough’s poem, The Sound Collector, will inspire us to go on a sound walk around school. Our toes will be tapping along to all kinds of music, and we’ll be listening to song lyrics to get lots of ideas to write our own. We’ll create artwork that represents jazz music, and look at famous, jazz-influenced art. In D&T, we’ll investigate how musical instruments work and enjoy making our own. We’ll share our favourite music and explore how music is used in everyday life.


Help your child prepare for their project
Music has the power to change our emotions, make us think and inspire us to dance! Why not talk to friends and relatives about music that was popular when they were younger? You could also watch performances online and think about how the music makes you feel. Alternatively, you could work together to learn a song by heart. Can you sing it without making any mistakes?