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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1


Picture 1 Mrs R Snowden Class 1 Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs R Vernon Teaching Assistant
Spring Term 2
The Enchanted Forest is our topic this half term. The author Julia Donaldson has inspired us with the stories of 'The Gruffalo' and 'The Gruffalo's Child'. We have enjoyed writing instructions to make a Gruffalo crumble and our new role play forest has allowed us to retell the stories using stick and glove puppets. As the topic unfolds we will explore the forest and other story settings, researching animals and the habitats in which they live. Michael Rosen's book 'Were Going on a Bear Hunt' will act as a stimulus to create maps and positional language will be used to give directions as we take on the role of explorers. Using binoculars, hats, wellies, backpacks and masks we will take on an expedition to hunt for the bear. The story will be creatively told through sensory experiences and by using different percussion instruments, allowing the children to suggest which would be best to represent each of the settings. The topic will conclude with a study of brown bears, reading facts about how they live.
Spring Term 1
This half term we are dragon explorers! We will begin the topic with an egg and will explore which creatures could hatch out. What could possibly be inside? With the help of 'Steve Irwin's video clips, we will create a study of Komodo dragons, finding out where they come from, how they defend themselves, what they eat, as well as which features they have.  As the topic evolves we will have a resident puppet dragon which we will train 'dragony ways'. In the role of a knights, dragons and princesses we will be fighting dragons, saving damsels, breathing fire, soaring and swooping, as we fly to dragon land! The book 'Tell me a dragon' by  Jackie Morris will inspire the children to make and decorate a dragon egg and paint their own imaginary type of dragon. The topic will close with the children building a dragon machine to take our resident dragon back to his family in dragon land. Exciting times ahead as we look forward to 'Chinese new year' and what dragons mean in Chinese culture. We will celebrate with a 'China' day, when we will learn a Chinese lion dance and other cultural traditions.
Autumn Term 2

This term we are exploring ‘How the world celebrates’ and have begun by sharing Halloween themed books. The children have been inspired to create their own magic potions in our outdoor mud kitchen! Magical maths, using pumpkin seeds and trick or treat sweets, to count, share and problem solve which amounts we can share equally. This has proven to be a tricky sticky treat!!

Halloween fun!

Halloween fun! 1 Netting the insects in the magical swamp
Halloween fun! 2 Scooping magic dust to make a potion
Halloween fun! 3 Drawing the contents of our magic potions
Halloween fun! 4 Scooping out the pumpkins grown in our raised beds
Halloween fun! 5 Decorating our Halloween biscuits
Halloween fun! 6 Looking closely at the ghostly eyes!
Halloween fun! 7 3D play dough spiders
Halloween fun! 8 Trick or treat??????

In drama we have got into character as witches and wizards and used magic words to turn each other into frantic frogs, leaping lizards, slithering snakes and hopping hares to name but a few! The magic has continued into our mark making and writing, as we drew and labelled the contents of our magic potions and wrote magic spells.

Bonfire night
Picture 1 Flash, bang Whee fireworks
Picture 2 Pastel explosions of colour!

As November the 5th fast approached we turned our celebrations to bonfire night and explored the onomatopoeic words which we use to describe noises such as ‘bang, whoosh, crackle, whizz, fizz, flash, wheee!’ and wrote our own firework shape poems. During dance we listened to Handel’s music for the Royal fireworks and were whizzing and whooshing around the hall as we linked our moves together in sequence! Busy times ahead at Rampton Primary as we look forward to learning about how Diwali and Christmas are celebrated around the world and finally performing our fabulous Christmas Nativity!

Please see the topic planner below to find a week by week overview of what we are learning about this half term.
Autumn Term 1

We have begun the year talking about our Summer holidays. Many children had visited the seaside and were excited to tell us all about their experiences. Using the children's interests we have explored the beach, sea creatures, donkey rides, pirates, picnics, fishing and much more!


Autumn Term

Autumn Term 1 Ha ha me hearties!!!!!
Autumn Term 2 Shiver me timbers, I spy treasure!!
Autumn Term 3 Magnets will help find hidden treasure!
Autumn Term 4 Jewels and shells decorate castles beautifully!
Autumn Term 5 What lives in the sea?
Autumn Term 6 Suckers, fins, scales and gills galore!
Autumn Term 7 Hands on!!!!!!
Autumn Term 8 I can look closely and notice small details.
Autumn Term 9 Stenciling and rubbing of sea creatures.
Autumn Term 10 Sandcastle building, DA DAAAH!!!!
Autumn Term 11 I can make my own sandwich for a beach picnic!
Autumn Term 12 Taking turns and sharing the butter and jam!
Autumn Term 13 Sharing a beach picnic with our new friends!
Autumn Term 14 Donkey ride anyone?
Autumn Term 15 Fishing for loot!!
Autumn Term 16 The baby clinic is open!
Autumn Term 17 Dr Harry and Nurse Tilly check babys growth.
Autumn Term 18 I can make my whole family!
Autumn Term 19 My Daddy!!
Autumn Term 20 Small world family role play
It has also been great to welcome new children to our school and make new friends. The second week of the term has been taken getting to know each other and looking at the 
similarities and differences in ourselves and our families. A busy term ahead as the remaining weeks  will involve the children exploring the themes of our pets and our homes.
Please see the 'Ourselves' overview below to see the topic/ learning coverage for this half term.