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Hello and welcome to Rampton Pre-school

Your Childs Early Years Practitioner is Mrs Hobbs.



This term has started with a back to nature approach we are bringing the outdoors in !

At pre- school we are committed to offering your children a natural rather than plastic learning through play experience wherever possible, so we have been using mother nature's resources in our maths to count and sort the conkers shells and pine cones , we have also wrapped string around  twigs to help develop their fine motor skills which in time will be invaluable for handwriting.


Our small world nature tables

Our small world nature tables 1
Our small world nature tables 2
Small world is an important aspect of children's learning aiding many areas of development. In the pre-school this week our children have used large logs twigs and bark to recreate their own little world supported by different characters and animals, they hid these characters and moved them along through and under the  naturally resourced landscape mimicking the characteristics of small world characters from their own real life experiences. 

We are enjoying our creative learning

Our creative sessions have involved painting with sticks feathers and leaves and also using pine cones conkers and pebbles to make marks on paper and play dough.
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Our book for the next few weeks is Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. It's about a family of bears mum dad and baby bear, Dad is very tired and can't sleep because mum snores! So he goes to sleep in another room and then the garden but in each setting there is a noise that keeps him awake. This book introduces sounds and encourages the children to really listen out for the repetition in the story and will help the children's early reading skills. 

Enjoying a good book

Enjoying a good book 1
Enjoying a good book 2
Enjoying a good book 3
Enjoying a good book 4
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Our sessions in Pre-school will be very busy. There will be lots of singing of traditional and also new songs and rhymes. At the moment the children are learning to play musical instruments by tapping out simple rhythms on them or using parts of their bodies to clap stamp out patterns.
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Moving from Pre-school to Nursery can feel like a huge  leap for children so I am hoping to develop  further links with Mrs Snowdon's class very soon, at the moment every outdoor play is spent in the foundation area and the children are starting to grow in confidence and move away from the security

of the adult and interact with the other children.

We love to run jump and play

We love to run jump and play 1
We love to run jump and play 2
We love to run jump and play 3
We love to run jump and play 4
We love to run jump and play 5
We love to run jump and play 6

This term is going to a busy time for the Pre-schoolers and they will learn lots of new skills but most of all develop in confidence and personality.


Quote - There is no such thing as "just playing" this is how I learn.