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Visit from Olympian Athlete, Sam Oldham 11.10.2021

If you’re wondering how our three drivers; enrich, empower and inspire, live through our curriculum, look no further than these photos and videos. What a fabulous day we have had. A huge thank you to Sam Oldham for visiting us and leading our sponsored event. All our 93 children are now inspired to become Olympic gymnasts. We recognise how important positive role models are to the lives of our children and we hope that today’s visit will have an impact, maybe even resulting in a future Olympian. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored so far. We really appreciate your support.

Virtual Sports Week 2020

Virtual PE challenges

PE display

The PE display board is a great way to celebrate our children's sporting experiences and successes. Pictures are showing skill progression from children in EYFS to KS2. 

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