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Autumn 2

How many colours in a rainbow?

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high… How many colours are in a rainbow? What happens when you mix red and blue? It’s time to discover the colours of the natural and man-made worlds.

This half term, we’ll take off our socks and stomp through the colours of the rainbow. We’ll scatter powder paints, add water and let our feet do the mixing! We’ll learn how to identify the colours of the rainbow, how colours can mix together to make new colours, and about the relationship between light and colour, by exploring exciting toys. In our literacy lessons, we’ll read vibrant books, match colourful rhymes and make multicoloured marks. Can we write our names using all the colours of the rainbow? Using our mathematical skills, we’ll count colourful pom-poms and respond to numbers. Getting creative, we’ll make rainbow rice and brightly-coloured jellyfish, and we’ll construct a colourful den. We’ll also go on a colour hunt, carry out colour investigations and sing a rainbow!


Help your child prepare for their project
Soak up the marvellous colours of the world around you! Why not taste the rainbow together and gather together yummy foods of different colours? Does red taste nicer than green? Which colours are natural? You could also go on a colour walk around your local area. Which colours do you see the most? Do these colours change throughout the year? Alternatively, express yourself with paints, crayons, pencils and pens. Can you use colours to show how you feel today?