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Summer 2

What can you see in summer?

The sun has got his hat on! Let’s go outside, to explore everything that summer has to offer. In this project, we’ll learn all about summer, the changes that happen in the natural world and things people do during the warmer months.

This half term, we’ll go for a walk to look for signs of summer, and use our senses to explore the season. Back at school, we’ll have lots of fun role playing in our ice cream shop. Using ice pencils, we’ll create some cold and colourful writing. We’ll use symbols to complete a weather chart, and record the temperature. In our mathematics work, we’ll count and estimate the number of seeds in a watermelon slice. Using our green fingers, we’ll plant grass seeds and care for them during the project. We’ll look closely at objects that you might take to the beach, and technology that people use during the summer such as digital cameras and desktop fans. There’ll be lots of delicious foods to eat. We’ll taste summer fruits, make healthy lollies, and then write instructions. Outside the classroom, we’ll play with different balls and search for wildflowers. We’ll learn about sun safety, and make sunglasses using different materials. As an exciting challenge, we’ll design and build sandcastles.

At the end of the project, we’ll explain why we enjoy summer and perform summer songs.


Help your child prepare for their project
Summer is superb! Why not explore your local area to look for signs that summer is here? You could also plant seeds such as carrots, herbs or beans. What will the seeds need to help them grow? Alternatively, you could do some finger-painting to create a brightly-coloured, summery work of art.