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School Council


Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. Each year children from Year 1 to Year 6 are elected by their peers to become a representative.

Meetings take place on Friday afternoons.


Our School Council representatives are:

Year 6 - Alice

Year 5 - Evie

Year 4 - Jake

  Year 3 - Archie
  Year 2 - Emma
Year 1 - Toby




Our School Council representatives have written a few sentences about why they wanted to take on this important role in our school:


Alice, Year 6 - I wanted to be a School Council representative because I feel like I can make decisions that will impact and improve the school.  Also, I would like to help the school move forward by being a good role model and opening doors to new opportunities.  I want to make Rampton Primary School the best school it can be.


Evie, Year 5 - I like being a School Council member because I can make decisions that I think are best for our school.  As a School Council representative, I can help the pupils in Rampton School such as encourage them or make them have a bigger voice.  I can also tell the teachers what that school children want and if it happens then it can make someone really happy.


Jake, Year 4 - I can think of lots of fun things for the school. I’m a good listener. I asked my friend why I’d be a good School Council representative and he said I’m a good friend and that I’m confident.


Archie, Year 3 - I wanted to do School Council because I’m smart and people voted for me to be on the School Council and I’m a good listener.


Emma, Year 2 - Hello, my name is Emma.  I like leopards. My favourite food is ice cream and I like slushes. I like to go to school and I like to learn and I like my teachers. I have brown eyes.

Pyjama Day - 27.11.20

Following our recent meeting, it was proposed that we have a Pyjama Day - whereby pupils and staff could attend school wearing their pyjamas in return for a donation to raise funds for playtime equipment. This fantastic event was greatly supported and we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we have raised £116.90  
Thank you to everyone for supporting this event.


During our meeting today, we have decided to purchase the following items: 

sponge balls


stepping stones