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Rampton Primary School

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Curriculum overview

Spring 1

This half term, class Explorers' will have some visitors... the children will be meeting a range of reptiles in our classroom! We’ll talk to an expert and take lots of photographs. We’ll create remarkable reptile artwork using a variety of drawing and painting materials. We’ll look closely at the foods reptiles eat and have lots of fun playing in our swamp with small world reptiles. Getting creative, we’ll use natural materials to build homes for reptiles. We hope they’ll be comfortable! We’ll also go on a reptile hunt, and decide which are our favourites. Using musical instruments and actions, we’ll recreate the movements of different reptiles. Counting and ordering will help us to develop our mathematical skills.

Visit from Her Majesty!

Explorers' received a special invitation from Lord Chancellor inviting them to a Royal Tea Party with Her Majesty, The Queen! So prior to her visit, we have been learning facts about the Queen. The children came up with some very important rules that they had to follow when she arrived. They practised their bows and curtsies and please and thank yous. We even had our very own guard! Below are some pictures of how much fun we had at our wonderful tea party with the Queen!

Autumn Term 2019

London’s burning! London’s burning! Fire, fire! Fire, fire! Our project this term is Bright Lights, Big City. The children will find out all about London, including its history, transport and famous landmarks. They will discover what happened in the Great Fire of London. Where did it start? How did it end? Within the classroom, we will be having our very own Pudding Lane Bakery where the children can make bread buns and sell cakes. We will compare the difference of how fires were put out in 1666 to how they are put out now. The children will have a surprise visit from the fire men!


Whilst learning about London, the children have a special invitation to put on their best outfits to have tea with the Queen. They must use their best manners and comb their hair, as one will not be amused if they don’t! 


Hang on, there’s someone new in town! We have a special visitor in Explorers' Class this half term too! Marley the Meerkat, has come all the way from Zambia, he wants to make sure he explores all sights and sounds of London before he finally meets his family at London Zoo. Marley is extremely busy because he's not only visiting London, he is also going to be travelling around the United Kingdom and showing the children the sights of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We hope our Explorers' will hop in a black cab, help Marley with his adventures and enjoy the ride this term!