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Spring 2

Are carrots orange?

Food marvellous food! What do you like to eat? Are you happy to try something new? It’s time to find out more about eating well and being healthy.

This half term, we’ll visit a supermarket to explore the foods sold there. We’ll talk to people about their jobs, take photographs and collect a rainbow of healthy foods. Back at school, we’ll use our senses to investigate the foods, and bravely taste things we’ve never tried before! Using our research skills, we’ll read all about fruits and vegetables in non-fiction books. We’ll plant seeds and look after them carefully. We’ll compare and sort different fruits and vegetables, and create stunning still life paintings. Setting up a class supermarket will be lots of fun; we’ll make signs and sell things to our friends. Following instructions and working together will help us to create healthy snacks. We’ll also find out what happens to our bodies when we exercise. Using our mathematics skills, we’ll weigh ingredients to make delicious biscuits or cakes, and count yummy currants to decorate them. Things could get messy, but it’ll be lots of fun!


Help your child prepare for their project
Being healthy can be fun! Why not taste a new fruit or vegetable that you’ve never tried before? You could also plant seeds and learn about what they need to grow. Alternatively, try following a recipe to make a healthy meal or snack.