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Practice Plan

Practice Plan

Help your child to follow this plan in the order presented below:

  1. Read the times tables out loud (3 minutes) –you will find a link to download all the times tables written out from the 3s up to the 12s. Together with your child, read the times tables that you are focusing on that week. Do it a second time round but this time your child should be trying to say them without reading them from the page. It is more important that they say them correctly than say them quickly at this stage.
  1. Scatter tables (up to 5 minutes) – you will find a link to download Scatter Tables at the end of this document. To use them, you call out a question from the times table you are focusing on and your child should point to the answer on the page. For example, if you are concentrating on the 5 times table, then find the Scatter Table for the 5s and call out questions like, “9 times 5” (your child points to 45), “6 times 5” (your child points to 30) or “5 times 12” (your child points to 60). Your child should be trying to get them correct each time and not worrying about the speed.
  1. Write tables on a piece of paper (up to 5 minutes) – Your child should write down the times tables being focused on. Any piece of paper will do.
  1. Play online (up to 10 minutes) – Your child has a login for from their class teacher. Let them play for a short while until they are successfully answering the questions quickly. Let me know if you have difficulty accessing the internet or difficulty getting on to